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Details on This Badge's Criteria

IPE Module 2: Cultural Competency

To earn this badge: Recipient has completed the IPE Module 2: Core Competency, sponsored by the Center for Interprofessional Education in the Health Sciences, School of Health and Medical Sciences ( 1. Using reflection to understand cultural competence as a personal and professional goal. 2. Identifying the ways in which your own cultures influence your professional practice. 3. Articulating an understanding of how one’s belief system may influence participation in an interprofessional health care team. 4. Articulating an understanding of how one’s biases and belief system may influence the delivery of professional services. 5. Identifying ways to recognize and resolve conflicts arising from cultural differences. 6. Recognizing Cultural Competence as a lifelong pursuit to practice in a culturally responsive manner for interprofessional patient centered care.

This badge has been awarded 34 times.

IPE Module 2: Cultural Competency: Badge for completing the School of Health and Medical Sciences' IPE Module 2: Cultural Competency.