Seton Hall University


Check in and get on board!

Seton Hall has a great way for you to display your achievements, follow your progress and display your Pirate Pride! The Badges program lets you earn digital badges in recognition of your participation and achievements.

Here’s how it works:

Find out which events are Badge-worthy.
Follow the Badges Blog, or watch for posters and other announcements.
Check in to a participating event.
Either scan the QR code with your smart phone or swipe your ID card and your badge will be on its way.
Show off your Badges!
Once you've earned a Badge, you can display it in your email signature, blog and wherever else you'd like. You can also compete on the SHU Leader Board!

You may have already earned your first badge by signing in to Pirate Net. There will be other opportunities available at Orientation in June.

Seton Hall's Badges program helps you to connect to your campus community, gain knowledge and develop useful skills. It's also a lot of fun!

Pirate On!

Click to win your badge...

About The Open Badges Initiative

Seton Hall's Badges program is designed to be compatible with Badgr Open Badges Backpack.

The Open Badges Initiative is based on the idea that learning today happens everywhere, not just in the classroom, but it's often difficult to get recognition for skills and achievements that happen outside of school. Mozilla's Open Badges project is working to solve that problem, making it easy for anyone to issue, earn and display badges across the web -- through a shared infrastructure that's free and open to all. The result: helping learners everywhere display 21st century skills, unlock career and educational opportunities, and level up in their life and work. Learn more here.