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Echo 360 - Personal Capture

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If this is for testing purposes, indicate "Testing" for Course Name and Course ID below. If this is recurring content for a course, i.e. will be recorded once and will not change, please identify the Course Name and Course ID for the upcoming term. If this is a special event or series of content not to be associated with any specific course, use the Course Name field to title your series or event and leave the Course ID field blank .
(ex: "Intro to Philosophy")
(ex: "CHEM1201AA")

Would you like to make your echoes initially unavailable so that you may edit, add additional description information, and/or decide the best time to make them available to your target audience? Or, would you like to make them available for viewing immediately following your captures?

Blackboard Information
(ex: 2014_SPRING_BACC7135NVZ )
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By default, Echo360 will produce a video which captures both your screen, at high quality for detailed presentations, and audio. If you have other needs, such as capturing the video from your camera, please address them in the comments box below. You do have the ability, when creating and posting personal captures, to override this and select your own publishing options.

The Echo360 system will hold all original media uploaded to the system for 120 days. You will be able to edit your material during this time period. After the 120 days, the system will delete your original material but will hold all published and viewable captures, you will simply no longer have the ability to edit and republish your material.

Note: Unless other arrangements have been made, all published material will be archived and removed from the system one year after the completion of the semester it was originally published during. For example, material published during the Spring of 2015 will be archived and removed from the system after the Spring 2016 semester.